Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I Shall Do When I Get Home List:

Kiss the tarmac (under debate right now, most likely the carpet when I disembark from the plane).
Praise God I'm home.
Hug parents.
Squeeze my cat, Peege.
Say hello to my books. <3
Play the piano.
Make some tea! tradition, tradition, tradition!
Update my facebook status? haha!
Sleep in my bed!
Wake up.
Go pay the Cole family a visit. (Cannot WAIT to see my sweet little bears whom I have missed soooo much!!!)
Maybe go swimming or to a park with my little bears.
Go to church and hug everyone!
Visit my friends, Katie and Abigail, and everyone else!
Go visit my friend, Betty.
Eat at Pen-Thai, Mongolian Grill, Jack-in-the-Box, British Pantry, the Kabab House, and have Jamba Juice and Red Mango sometime in the next few weeks.
Start going running again.
Look for job for at least 3 hours a day.
Count down days until Catharina returns from New Mexico.
Camping with my Dad possibly (next week).
Hang out in Seattle!
Seek to do one thing in a million ways: KNOWING JESUS CHRIST!
Go Bike Riding.
Play soccer and basketball with some of my favorite ppl.
Plan my trip to Washington, DC!
Go to some Mariner Games.
Check out renting to buy program to get a lever harp from Dusty Strings.
Cook for my Dad.
Write on my blog more.
Check out some books about places I have been (going on various trips made me realize that I didn't know as much as I thought I did about those places I visited).
Read some biographies on Martin Luther, George C. Marshall, John Knox, James VI, and several others.
Buy the Donald Rumsfeld biography (finally, yes I know)
Celebrate my friend, Katie Bear turning 26 years old. August 17th be the day!
Go to DC. (August 20th)
Look for a job in DC? lol
Hang out with my best friend, Daniel Bear Robert Sanders.
Help drive up to Michigan.
Walk down the aisle in my good friend Kayla's wedding.
Drive back to DC with Dan Bear.
Start studying Hebrew.

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list, just what I could think up at the time.


  1. Did you get all of this done, Jenna Bear? I bet you have done most of it. :)

  2. I knew someone would ask...lol. *sigh* Oh Jenny, lets just say I've done a bit. Thanks for checking up on me.