Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kick-off Party of 1

Okay, so I told some of my friends I would finally post this week. Is the first post the hardest? I hope so cause I don't really know what to write for this one. I have a few topics I would like to write about later on but the first post has to be special, right? It is the kick-off after all.

So, I am excited about writing this blog, I will probably write on here more often when I am in Germany and bored with nothing to do cause everyone is at work or asleep in the US (I think Germany is somewhere around nine to ten hours ahead). My passport came yesterday so now I just have to get a physical, fax it in along with my passport number, and then the resort will run my background check and then notify me by email whether I am hired or not (officially). So I will be leaving in May, which seems like a long ways off but I know it will be here in a flash. Which makes me sad to think of everyone I will be leaving, especially my family. Thirteen months is a very, very long time. I wish it was only for eight or nine months. In some ways, I am dreading May. I hate farewells. I think going to college 3,000 miles away has prepared me for this experience. But I'm thinking it will certainly be a far cry from my PCC experience. You know, I think I might blog about PCC sometime cause it was quite, quite the experience(mental note saved for future blogging). Not to say I'm not excited about going because I really am. I know the Lord will use this to make me more dependent upon Him.

Okay then, I think this post suffices for my little kick-off party posting, now to toast my little blog with.......some mint hot chocolate. Yum!


  1. Now, don't forget about my grande triple shot mocha! ;-)
    You will do just fine over there, probably great would be my guess! :-)

  2. Hello My Dear Jenna Bear.
    I will miss you so so much. To bad we all can't go togther. That would be so much fun. I love you little girl. Don't forget us.

  3. Dearest Jenna Bear,
    I miss being your roomie! When you write, I feel like you are just talking to me because you sound so natural. I hope that you post things regularly. :) I miss all of the times we drank hot chocolate, tea, and cappaccinos together!

    Love ya,

  4. wow, pcc. That place brings back good times. Lets go back for Guppys graduation.

  5. Hey Jenna!! Looking forward to hearing about how you are growing in the knowledge of our Lord on your new adventure!! Make sure you post lots of pictures!

  6. Jenna,
    Love you very much. We will keep you in our prayers always. Remember, you will always have a cold drafty home, to come home to. Love, Your Papa