Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thoughts On My Imminent Departure

I hate goodbyes.
I will miss my family and my friends, quite *dreadfully!*
I must be crazy to be leaving my sweet little nephews. Miss them *much.*
I dislike missing out on things, I had better get used to it.
I am a bit nervous, scared, frightened.
Thankful that God will never leave me.
I hope I make friends.
I kind of wish I didn't sign up, but I have to work!
This will look good on my resume (the bright side).
I've always wanted to work for the government!
I wonder what life will be like there.
What job will I be assigned?
I hope that I won't freeze to death. I hate being cold!!
Hoping I will return a gourmet chef after cooking for myself for 13 months.
Potatoes are inexpensive and there are multiple ways of preparation. I think I will be eating a good amount of potatoes.
I wonder what will happen between then and now. Will some of my friends get engaged? Anyone I know die?
I am excited to visit all the places I have always dreamed of traveling to.
My agenda: London, Paris, Geneva, Jerusalem, Ephesus, Rome, Normandy, Greece, Spain, St. Petersburg, Beethoven Festival, Berlin...
Looking forward to Daniel coming to visit me (during his spring break in March), Felicia (maybe?), Heather (hopefully), and Katie (idk?).
I am thankful there is a Bible-believing church in Garmish, it is good to be among the redeemed.
It is clear now that this was the Lord's good intention for my life.
This gives me peace.
I am so thankful that His purposes always come to fruition.
I am looking forward to what He will do in my life and how He will change me.

There are so many areas I need to be strengthend and sharpened in:
Confidence in the Lord
Better disciplined
More trusting in the Lord
Prayer life
Have a gentler, kinder heart towards others
Minister effectively with resources I have
Be a better blessing to other Christians
Reach out to non-Christians with patience and without intimidation
Write better
Learn more through books I am taking
Be a good witness for the Lord
Prioritize better
Use my money wisely
Invest in others more
Overcome the fear of man
Openness and vulnerability with others
Love Jesus more
Surrender and submission to the will of God

This is not an exhaustive list, and I realize that I will not come back perfect, or even close to it. But, I am hoping to stand more firmly and faithfully in Jesus Christ. So if you think of it, I'd so appreciate your prayers on my behalf!


  1. Wow, that sounds sad. Will you ever post again? =o

  2. Hi Erin, nice to meet you! :D I am definitely sad to be leaving for 13 months, sorry if it's depressing. :P And yes, I shall post again! :)

  3. Hey, Jenna Bear! Sniff. !Of course, whether you are at home or in Germany really makes very little difference as far as the contact that I have with you.... ) I will be praying for you! I know that you will be facing a lot of challenges, but God will carry you through. Love ya!!!

  4. Thanks JennyBear! i love you too!